Timekeeper Code of Conduct (Napanee District Minor Hockey)

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Napanee District Minor Hockey Association

Timekeepers and Scorekeepers Code of Conduct


In an effort to maintain high quality events to our participants, the Napanee District Minor Hockey Association (NDMHA) has developed the following Code of Conduct for its Timekeepers and Scorekeepers (Keepers). By agreeing to be a Keeper, you are expected to abide by this Code.


1. The Keeper is expected to be at the arena 15 minutes prior to an assigned game’s start time.

2. The Keeper will have all hand held electronic devices turned off while in the Time keeper box for the duration of all assigned games.

3. Only assigned Keepers and designated team representatives providing music or penalty door service are permitted in the Timekeeper box. There shall be no improper socializing within the Timekeeper box.


Violation of any part of this Code can result in a written warning. If the violation(s) continue, a two week suspension of duties can be exercised. If the violation(s) are repeated or in flagrant disregard of this Code, the Keeper may be suspended from duties for the remainder of the season. These reprimands may be enforced by any member of the NDMHA executive.