Timbits Hockey FAQ (Napanee District Minor Hockey)

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Initiation Program (IP) Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Hi!  Please note, this page will be changing soon.  We will be updating it with more information about the new OMHA Initiation format.  For detailed information, please follow this link: 
  Changing the Look of Minor Hockey Across Ontario
Read below for some useful information that may help too, although some of it will be changing.

What is IP?

IP is “Timbits” Hockey.  It’s for 1st time hockey players.  The program is an OMHA mandated program, the goal of which is to teach hockey players, skating and hockey skills in a controlled environment.  Each session consists of a series of skating and puck handling drills, and culminates with a scrimmage.  (Please refer to the OMHA website at www.omha.net for further information on the program).


Does my child need to go to IP?

Only if he/she is new to NDMH minor hockey, in which case, the player must be evaluated.  Players who are able to play with their peer group, will be streamed into that division, using a graduated approach, based on skill development.   

What rink is it on?

Goodyear Rink on Saturdays and Home Hardware (optional) on Sunday mornings.

How old must my child be?

Your child must be 5 years of age as at December 31st of the year you register. 

Does my child need all of the hockey equipment?

Yes, your child must have full hockey gear including neckguard & mouthguard.

Does my child get to keep the Timbits Jersey at the end of the season?

Yes.  With a new Tim Hortons policy, players will keep their jerseys and socks.


My child can’t really skate, just walks on ice.  Can he go into IP?

Yes, your child is welcome.  We’ll do our best, (depending on availability of volunteer on-ice coaches), to give him/her enough personal instruction to catch up to the others.  The peer pressure can be a good thing.


My child cries, and doesn’t want to go on the ice.  What should I do?

You know your child better than we do, but we are willing to work with a child who cries, and find successes for them.  We usually succeed within a few weeks.  The most important thing, is to communicate with us, so we know what the issues are, and how everybody (including you), is feeling about the progress.


Should my daughter be playing in a boy's league, or in a girl's league?

Hockey is the best thing that ever happened to girls !!  Approximately 22% of IPers are girls.  Both NDMH & Napanee Crunch have good hockey programs.  With no body checking in house league, girls are thriving in both environments.  Some like the challenge of learning to deal with boys, others like the camaraderie of being with “the girls”.  Girls playing against boys in NDMH can play down one division.


Can I go on the ice with my child?

Yes, our program is built around volunteerism, and we need 8 to 10 coaches on the ice to give proper instruction and support.  You must wear skates, hockey gloves, and helmet.  You don’t need to be a hockey “expert” to be a big help.  Much of the work involves managing a child’s self-confidence.  If you only want to help your child, that’s fine, but don’t frustrate yourself.  In many cases, the child will respond better to a non-parent instructor.  If you’re having doubts, please speak with us about it.


When can my child move up to house league?

Your child can move up to his/her peer group’s division, when the skill level is sufficient to ensure a positive experience, and there is no risk to self esteem.  Please ask us if you are interested, and we will evaluate and start the process.


How do I know when he/she is ready to move up to house league?

We use a graduated approach.  Your child can start by practicing weekly with his/her peer group’s team, (and still come to IP, if you like).  Your child will get to know teammates and coaching staff, and vice-versa.  You will all know when your child is ready to play in a game.


What else can I do to help my child’s progress?

 NDMH usually offers Power Skating Sessions in Fall (details unknown at this time)

Who can I contact because my question is not mentioned above?
Send an email to [email protected] or to [email protected].