Player Uniform Policy (Napanee District Minor Hockey)

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Player Uniform Policy

Players on and off the ice represent Napanee Minor Hockey whether at home or in another centre. The intent of this policy is to ensure that our players and teams properly present themselves with respect to on ice apparel in a way that leaves a positive impression which enhances each player’s self image and which ultimately reflects on our image as an Association.

Design of the Association’s jerseys and hockey socks will be approved by the executive of the NDMHA and may be altered at their discretion.

Representative level players are required to purchase a set of home and away jerseys from the approved supplier. When a player purchases a jersey for the first time the player will select and be assigned a jersey number. The player for will retain this number as long as they remain a member of the organization.

House League players will be provided with a team jersey.

All hockey jerseys shall have the Association’s logo, player number, and may have a player name bar. Hockey Canada, OHF and the OMHA may require other crests such as the Canada Flag be affixed to the jersey. No other logos or crests or advertising is permitted on the jerseys unless approved by the NDMHA executive.

To assist with the longevity of the apparel, it is strongly recommended that the team jerseys and socks only be worn during sanctioned games.

All clothing must be in good repair, clean and neat. Replacement of a jersey in poor condition shall be the responsibility of the player. The coaching staff shall monitor the uniform condition of players’ during the season and advise regarding replacement as necessary. The decision regarding the appropriateness of the condition of the jersey shall ultimately be the responsibility of the executive or their designate.


October 2010