Schedule & Results, Andy McGarvey Memorial, 2018-2019 (Napanee District Minor Hockey)

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DivisionGame #TimeVenueVisitorResultHome
Friday, November 16, 2018
P-BB-RRHH 17:45 AMHH Prince Edward County Kings1-2Napanee Stars
B-BB-RRGY 18:00 AMGY Stirling Blues1-3Napanee Stars
P-AE-RRDes 18:30 AMDes Napanee Stars15-1Newcastle Stars
A-BB-RRHH 28:45 AMHH Napanee Stars8-0Stirling Blues
B-RS-RRGY 29:15 AMGY Perth Wings8-2Napanee Stars
A-RS-RRDes 29:30 AMDes Kanata Swamp Rabbits4-5Belleville Jr Bulls
N-BB-RRHH 39:45 AMHH Renfrew Wolves1-5Loyalist Jets
N-RS-RRDes 310:30 AMDes Canterbury 2-3Blackburn Stingers Novice A
N-BB-RRGY 310:30 AMGY Alexandria Glens2-4Napanee Stars
A-AE-RRHH 410:45 AMHH Ottawa West Golden Knights4-2Napanee Stars
N-RS-RRDes 411:30 AMDes West End Novice A3 Warriors1-4West Carleton Novice A
N-BB-RRGY 411:30 AMGY Deep River Knights3-7Brockville Braves
M-BB-RRHH 511:45 AMHH Voltigeurs du Drummondville0-4Charlan Rebels
A-RS-RRDes 512:30 PMDes Ottawa Centre14-0Thornhill Rebels
B-BB-RRGY 512:30 PMGY Napanee Stars3-2Ottawa West Golden Knights
M-RS-RRHH 61:00 PMHH Cumberland A51-4George Bell Midget Sr
P-RS-RRDes 61:30 PMDes Leitrim Hawks4-1Charlan Rebels
A-BB-RRGY 61:45 PMGY Stirling Blues0-6Lindsay Muskies
N-BB-RRHH 72:15 PMHH Caledonia Thunder5-1Frontenac Flyers
A-RS-RRDes 72:30 PMDes Belleville Jr Bulls2-4Kanata Atom A2
P-AE-RRGY 72:45 PMGY Elmvale Peewee AE11-1Newcastle Stars
P-BB-RRHH 83:15 PMHH National Lorraine Rosemere3-2Prince Edward County Kings
N-RS-RRDes 83:30 PMDes Nepean Novice A Team D1-6Blackburn Stingers Novice A
P-AE-RRGY 83:45 PMGY Napanee Stars6-2Paris Wolf Pack
A-AE-RRHH 94:15 PMHH Deep River Knights1-2Ottawa West Golden Knights
N-RS-RRDes 94:30 PMDes West Carleton Novice A4-3Canterbury
M-BB-RRGY 94:45 PMGY Cornwall Colts0-2Napanee Stars
M-RS-RRHH 105:15 PMHH York Mills Junior Select5-4Cumberland Dukes A1
P-RS-RRDes 105:30 PMDes Scarborough Ice Raiders2-3Leitrim Hawks
M-RS-RRGY 106:00 PMGY Napanee Stars0-5George Bell Midget Sr
A-RS-RRDes 116:30 PMDes Oakville Rangers1-0Kanata Atom A2
A-BB-RRHH 116:30 PMHH Napanee Stars5-0Lindsay Muskies
B-RS-RRGY 117:15 PMGY Kanata Blazers2-4KMHA Missiles
N-RS-RRDes 127:30 PMDes West End Novice A3 Warriors2-2Nepean Novice A Team D
P-RS-RRDes 138:30 PMDes Scarborough Ice Raiders3-1West Carleton Warriors
M-BB-RRGY 128:30 PMGY Napanee Stars3-5Voltigeurs du Drummondville
M-RS-RRGY 139:45 PMGY York Mills Junior Select1-5Napanee Stars
Saturday, November 17, 2018
N-RS-RRDes 148:00 AMDes West Carleton Novice A0-5Blackburn Stingers Novice A
N-BB-RRGY 148:00 AMGY Loyalist Jets1-1Caledonia Thunder
N-BB-RRHH 128:00 AMHH Napanee Stars3-0Deep River Knights
N-RS-RRDes 159:00 AMDes Canterbury 3-1West End Novice A3 Warriors
B-BB-RRGY 159:00 AMGY Stirling Blues2-2Ottawa West Golden Knights
P-BB-RRHH 139:00 AMHH Napanee Stars5-0National Lorraine Rosemere
A-RS-RRDes 1610:00 AMDes Thornhill Rebels1-13Kanata Swamp Rabbits
A-BB-RRHH 1410:00 AMHH Lindsay Muskies0-6Napanee Stars
B-RS-RRGY 1610:15 AMGY Napanee Stars2-4Kanata Blazers
P-AE-RRDes 1711:00 AMDes Paris Wolf Pack8-0Newcastle Stars
N-BB-RRHH 1511:00 AMHH Brockville Braves3-3Renfrew Wolves
N-BB-RRGY 1711:30 AMGY Deep River Knights0-6Loyalist Jets
N-RS-RRDes 1812:00 PMDes West Carleton Novice A11-1Nepean Novice A Team D
A-AE-RRHH 1612:00 PMHH Napanee Stars1-8Deep River Knights
M-RS-RRGY 1812:30 PMGY Napanee Stars3-2Cumberland A5
N-RS-RRDes 191:00 PMDes Blackburn Stingers Novice A3-2West End Novice A3 Warriors
B-BB-RRHH 171:00 PMHH Napanee Stars5-0Stirling Blues
N-BB-RRGY 191:45 PMGY Caledonia Thunder2-6Napanee Stars
A-RS-RRDes 202:00 PMDes Oakville Rangers1-4Ottawa Centre
M-RS-RRHH 182:15 PMHH George Bell Midget Sr1-6Cumberland Dukes A1
N-BB-RRGY 202:45 PMGY Frontenac Flyers2-10Alexandria Glens
A-RS-RRDes 213:00 PMDes Thornhill Rebels0-13Kanata Atom A2
P-AE-RRHH 193:30 PMHH Elmvale Peewee AE1-1Paris Wolf Pack
A-AE-RRGY 213:45 PMGY Ottawa West Golden Knights3-3Napanee Stars
P-RS-RRDes 224:00 PMDes Charlan Rebels2-1West Carleton Warriors
P-BB-RRHH 204:30 PMHH Napanee Stars2-1Prince Edward County Kings
A-BB-RRGY 224:45 PMGY Stirling Blues1-5Lindsay Muskies
A-RS-RRDes 235:00 PMDes Kanata Swamp Rabbits1-4Oakville Rangers
M-BB-RRHH 215:30 PMHH Cornwall Colts2-1Voltigeurs du Drummondville
B-BB-RRGY 235:45 PMGY Napanee Stars7-3Ottawa West Golden Knights
A-RS-RRDes 246:00 PMDes Ottawa Centre2-1Belleville Jr Bulls
M-RS-RRHH 226:45 PMHH Cumberland A54-3York Mills Junior Select
P-RS-RRDes 257:00 PMDes Scarborough Ice Raiders0-4Charlan Rebels
A-AE-RRGY 247:00 PMGY Deep River Knights3-3Ottawa West Golden Knights
P-RS-RRDes 268:00 PMDes West Carleton Warriors3-3Leitrim Hawks
A-BB-RRGY 258:00 PMGY Napanee Stars8-1Stirling Blues
M-RS-RRHH 238:00 PMHH Cumberland Dukes A12-4Napanee Stars
P-AE-RRDes 279:00 PMDes Napanee Stars6-2Elmvale Peewee AE
B-RS-RRGY 269:00 PMGY Perth Wings3-3KMHA Missiles
M-BB-RRHH 249:15 PMHH Napanee Stars4-5Charlan Rebels
Sunday, November 18, 2018
A-AE-RRDes 288:00 AMDes Napanee Stars2-6Deep River Knights
N-BB-RRGY 278:00 AMGY Frontenac Flyers0-10Renfrew Wolves
N-BB-RRHH 258:00 AMHH Brockville Braves0-6Alexandria Glens
N-RS-RRDes 299:00 AMDes Nepean Novice A Team D2-4Canterbury
M-BB-RRGY 289:00 AMGY Cornwall Colts0-5Charlan Rebels
P-BB-RRHH 269:00 AMHH Prince Edward County Kings1-0National Lorraine Rosemere
A-RS-CHDes 3010:00 AMDes Oakville Rangers1-5Ottawa Centre
B-RS-RRHH 2710:00 AMHH Kanata Blazers9-1Perth Wings
B-RS-RRGY 2910:15 AMGY Napanee Stars5-4KMHA Missiles
P-RS-CHDes 3111:00 AMDes Charlan Rebels1-2Leitrim Hawks
M-RS-RRHH 2811:15 AMHH George Bell Midget Sr2-1York Mills Junior Select
M-RS-RRGY 3011:30 AMGY Cumberland Dukes A11-8Cumberland A5
P-AE-CHDes 3212:00 PMDes Paris Wolf Pack0-8Napanee Stars
P-BB-RRHH 2912:30 PMHH National Lorraine Rosemere3-2Napanee Stars
B-BB-RRGY 3112:45 PMGY Stirling Blues3-3Ottawa West Golden Knights
N-RS-CHDes 331:00 PMDes West Carleton Novice A0-4Blackburn Stingers Novice A
N-BB-CHHH 301:30 PMHH Loyalist Jets4-2Napanee Stars
B-RS-CHDES 342:00 PMDes KMHA Missiles0-6Kanata Blazers
A-BB-CHGY 322:00 PMGY Lindsay Muskies1-6Napanee Stars
M-BB-CHHH 312:30 PMHH Napanee Stars8-3Charlan Rebels
A-AE-CHGY 333:00 PMGY Deep River Knights0-3Ottawa West Golden Knights
M-RS-CHDES 353:15 PMDes Napanee Stars0-7George Bell Midget Sr
P-BB-CHHH 323:45 PMHH National Lorraine Rosemere2-4Napanee Stars
B-BB-CHGY 344:00 PMGY Stirling Blues1-3Napanee Stars
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