2019-2020 Fall Tryout Information (Napanee District Minor Hockey)

Print2019-2020 Fall Tryout Information
Napanee District Minor Hockey Fall 2019 Tryouts

Tryouts are now posted for the following teams:

Novice BB
Midget BB

Division Ages
5 & 6 yrs old as at Dec. 31- Initiation Program [IP] (Initiation age are not eligible for Novice REP)
7 yrs old as at Dec. 31 - Minor Novice
8 yrs old as at Dec. 31- Novice
9 & 10 yrs old as at Dec. 31- Atom
11 & 12 yrs old as at Dec. 31- Peewee
13 & 14 yrs old as at Dec. 31- Bantam
15 & 16 &17 yrs old as at Dec. 31- Midget

Registration for Tryouts:
You must register with Napanee District Minor Hockey online through this link:

Tryout Registration

$75.00 fee - pre-registered
$80.00 fee - walk in at first tryout

Tryout Policy Summary:
1. All players shall tryout with their birth year divisional team

2. For AE teams, all players born 2011 or earlier must have participated in the BB tryout skates (Novice to Midget).  

The only exceptions to this policy is for a player who
  1. has moved to the area since tryouts
  2. is issued a 3.5 release from a nearby centre since tryouts
  3. a player who provides medical documentation that he/she is unable to participate in tryout activities to the VP of OMHA prior to the FIRST BB skate 
3. NDMH Players trying out for a team outside of NDMH at a higher level of competition must communicate with the NDMH coach  in writing prior to the first skate if there are any conflicts in the tryouts schedule. Permission to Skate and NRP Passports to attend such tryouts are available by following this link:  Permission to Skate and NRP Passports

4. NDMH Players not attending the spring tryouts as per the posted schedule and failing to communicate with the NDMH coach or  VP OMHA in writing in advance will not be eligible to be assessed for a roster position later in the season. Same exceptions as item 2 apply.

5. All players 2006 and older who have never taken a body checking clinic are required to before their first tryout.

Body Checking Clinic

Saturday, May 11, @ 12pm on the Goodyear rink.

6. Eligibility_to_Roster_in_a_Higher_Division_(2016)

Link to tryout schedule: https://ndmha.ca/Tryouts/

7.  NDMH is accepting NRPs for tryouts.  Players are eligible, as per OMHA regulation 3.5 c) vi) 5., from minor peewee or older.
In order to be sure you will be accepted, you must first pre-register with your Home Centre.  For more info on this regulation and how it applies to you, follow this link: 

OMHA Manual of Operations

8. NDMH will NOT be accepting Midget aged NRPs from AA or A centres.  

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